Coventry Nine Pin Skittle League
Rules 2016/2017


1. Management
2. Finance
3. Membership
4. Administration
5. Fixtures
6. Guest Players
7. Substitutes
8. Playing Rules
9. Cup Rules
10. Kingpin Trophy (8 Players)
11. Fletcher Handicap Trophy (8 Players)
12. Division 1, 2 & 3 Cups (9 Players)
13. Presidents Knockout Cup (8 Players)
14. Individual Competition Rules
15. Cup Winners’ Cup
16. Champion Of Champions’ Cup

    1. Management

  1. The name of the league shall be Coventry Nine Pin Skittle League

  2. All members of the league using facilities provided for the league are bound by the rules appertaining to the premises and/or those defined by the legal proprietor of the premises.
  3. Any member not complying with these rules may be called to a rules procedure meeting.
  4. The objectives of the league are to promote and foster the game of long alley nine pin skittles and to provide and encourage participation in social activities for league members and their friends.
    1. The management of the league shall be vested in the committee, which is elected at the Annual General Meeting, and in no other body.
    2. The committee shall consist of up to 12 members. A quorum shall be deemed to be 6 members of the committee.
    3. The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Fixture Secretary and Social Secretary are elected bi-annually. The remainder of the committee is elected annually.
    4. All full members are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting and have equal rights to nomination to any position on the committee. (Subject to Rule 5b)
    5. Nominations for positions on the committee must be forwarded to the Secretary, who will undertake to display them on the notice board. Nominations will close one week prior to the Annual General Meeting.
    6. The committee is empowered to appoint persons or sub-committee to deal with specific duties or activities or advise on professional matters. Such persons shall be responsible to the committee. Disciplinary matters, where appropriate, will be dealt with by a disciplinary committee. All persons called to a disciplinary committee shall have the right to attend if they so wish. Appeals from any decisions made by the disciplinary committee will be made to the main committee whose decision will be final.
    7. League funds can be used for the specific purposes of fighting, defending and meeting any claims against the league or individual members of the league.
    8. The committee is only authorised to change any rules under extreme circumstances. Under normal circumstances, league rule can only be suspended, changed or amended by majority agreement at the Annual General Meeting.
    9. No serving member of the management committee can serve as a Vice President at the same time.
  5. 2. Finance

    1. The financial year of the league shall run from the 1st of July to the 30th of June inclusive.
    2. The committee has the authority to organise, or have organised, any legal fund-raising activity on behalf of the league.
    3. Individual team fund-raising activities are not allowed during league functions, unless previously agreed by the committee.
  6. Each team must pay a registration charge for each playing member. Registration fees will be specified at the Annual General Meeting. Non Payment at the next team meeting after a player first plays for a team will render that player to be unregistered as per Rule 23 in respect of games already played.

    All members of the league having achieved state retirement age at the start of the season and having been a member of the league for at least one complete season will be entitled to a concessionary membership fee equal to the junior fee.

    A social membership is available, to allow non-playing relatives and friends of players to visit the alleys without incurring the payment of entry fee.

    A social member, when playing, must be treated as a guest as per Rules 29 to 32 inclusive.

    During the season new members may be registered by agreement between opposing captains before a match starts; name and address to be written on the back of the score card, both captains’ signatures appended. Registration fee must be paid in full at the NEXT team meeting.

    1. Subscriptions and any additional levies required shall be determined annually by the Annual General Meeting.
    2. Match levies, as decided by the Annual General Meeting, must be paid to the league treasurer or a nominated deputy at the first available team meeting. Match levies to be paid as per current fixture list.
    3. If a match levy is paid by a team when the opposition does not turn up and the match is subsequently played at a later date, the levy shall not be paid again.
  7. Cheques drawn on the league’s banking account must bear the signatures of no less than two of three authorised members of the league. Members currently authorised to sign cheques are the league secretary and/or the league treasurer and/or the chairman.
  8. Accounts should be audited and balance sheet available at the Annual General Meeting.
    1. Committee members are expected to stand any reasonable expense incurred as part and parcel of accepting a post on the committee. The committee is allowed, at its discretion, to authorise reimbursement of any additional expenses incurred by a member on league business. Details of all payments will be recorded by the league treasurer and itemised on the annual balance sheet.
    2. The committee reserves the right to authorise payment of honoraria to certain members of the committee.
    3. The increase in the amount of honoraria to be set at the prevailing R.P.I at the time of the Annual General Meeting.
    4. The social committee will function as a sub-committee comprising of the social secretary and other members responsible to the committee. All moneys paid or received by the social committee will be the responsibility of the league treasurer and will be audited as per Rule 10.
  9. 3. Membership

  10. Membership of the league shall be restricted to various offices of the league, all Vice Presidents and playing members organised on a team basis.
    1. Juniors are boys and girls who have not reached their 18th birthday at the start of the season, but have achieved their 9th birthday.
    2. Juniors playing are not classed as full members of the league for voting purposes only.
    3. Fees for junior teams will be agreed at the Annual General Meeting.
  11. Junior teams may have up to a maximum of three named adult organisers who must be registered, and no more than three adult organisers and/or guests may play in any match.

    Organisers of junior teams must be included on the team’s application of membership. Fee only due if not already registered as a league player.

    1. New teams wishing to join the league must make application to the secretary no later than 28 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
    2. All applications for team membership will be considered by the committee and placed before the Annual General Meeting for approval.
    3. All registered teams must conform to the fixture list.
  12. 4. Administration

    1. The committee is required to report regularly to team representatives on all matters relating to the administration of the league at team meetings held each month at a pre-arranged venue. The committee further undertakes to listen to any advice or proposals submitted at team meetings, but reserve the right to manage the league as specified in Rule 5a. Team meetings will commence at 7:30 pm and end at or before 8:15 pm and at least one member of each team must attend.
    2. In the event of a team representative, other than a committee member, being unable to attend a team meeting, the team will not be penalised. In the event of a vote that is not normal practice at team meetings, that committee member will be allowed to vote for his/her team. Voting at team meetings is on a one-vote per team basis.
    3. Minutes of team meetings will be posted on league notice boards within 14 days from the meeting. If teams are not represented at the team meeting, is it the responsibility of the teams to enquire from the league secretary for any relevant information.
  13. A special general meeting may be called, at any time by the committee or may be called as a result of a request from and signed by at least fifty league members.
  14. Changes and/or amendments to the rules of the league must be agreed at an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary Annual General Meeting. All proposed changes of rules will be put on league notice boards and each team captain notified 28 days prior to the Annual General Meeting. In the event that the committee has to suspend or change a rule, the captains will be notified by letter notifying them of the start date and the possible duration.
  15. The home captain is responsible for ensuring that result cards are correctly filled in, signed by both captains and handed in; he is also responsible for ensuring that equipment is correctly stored away. In the event that equipment is not put away, disciplinary action will be taken by the committee. The away captain must ensure that the result card is correct before signing it.
  16. Commencing the October team meeting each year, teams must submit at least six average cards, with the final one of these at the team meeting 1 month prior to the Champion Of Champions’ competition. Failure to do so could result in the imposition of an appropriate fine to be decided by the committee.
  17. To qualify for entry on the average lists a player must have played 60% of the league games, Failure of a team to submit 60% of their average cards and/or their final average card could result in the imposition of an appropriate fine to be decided by the committee. Failure of a team to submit an average card will result in an appropriate deduction of pins and points as in Rule 35b.
  18. Persons wishing to use equipment belonging to the league for private games may do so, providing they make an application to the league secretary. The committee reserves the right to refuse such a request. If granted, the committee reserves the right to charge a fee for use of league equipment in these circumstances.
  19. Team playing unregistered players (other than guest players as defined in Rule 29) will be penalised by having the pins scored by such players deducted from the total score and the match result and points amended accordingly.
  20. After the completion of league or cup games, the bowling alleys may be used for ‘Killer’ or general practice - only in the following circumstances:
    1. A responsible team member must be present to ensure skittles and balls are properly locked away at the end of the session.
    2. Team officials accept this responsibility on the understanding that they and/or their team may be disciplined by the committee in the event of loss or damage to league equipment.
    3. ‘Killer’, general practice or bowling-off is not allowed whilst a game is in progress on an adjacent alley.
  21. 5. Fixtures

    1. The appointed fixture secretary is responsible for formulation of and all matters relating to the league fixture list.
    2. In order to facilitate the smooth running of the league and to relieve congestion of fixtures due to cup involvements etc, the fixture secretary is empowered to alter fixtures. All teams are expected to be as reasonable as possible in co-operating with such changes. Each team will be notified by the fixture secretary of any changes in fixtures.

      In the event of a dispute arising from the re-arrangement of fixture(s) the matter should be brought to the immediate attention of the committee who would make every endeavour to ensure a satisfactory conclusion for the good of the league.

    3. The fixture secretary will inform the applicant of his decision relative to a postponement within seven days of receipt of the application.
  22. Requests for re-arrangement of fixtures must be submitted in writing, with an empty date and lane taken from the notice board and a valid reason for moving the game. Signed by both parties, not less than 20 days in advance of the game. In all cases the fixture secretary’s decision shall be final.
  23. The deadline for games starting is 8:15 pm. The names of all players must be on the board by 8:15 pm and no alterations can be made until half time, except in the case of injury. A player whose name is on the board who arrives late and misses the first leg may bowl subsequent legs. Likewise, if he misses the first two legs, he may bowl the third leg. The order of bowling of individual team members may not be changed after the start of a match, unless agreement is reached with the opposing captain. Substitutes are allowed to be used in league games after three legs have been played, or in case of injury, by agreement with the opposing captain. But not if a player has been allowed to bowl through, for the complete match, with the agreement of the opposing captain. For the purpose of the Fletcher Handicap averages, for each leg missed, each player will be credited with 6 pins. Opposing captains will need to indicate missed legs on the score card.
    1. Each league match will consist of six legs of three balls per player.
    2. The team with the highest aggregate pin fall in a league game wins the match.
    3. If the aggregate pin fall of both teams is equal, the match is drawn and points equally divided.
    4. Points are awarded for league games as follows:

      1 point first half
      1 point second half
      1 point overall game

    5. The order of bowling of individual team members may not be changed after the start of a match, unless agreement is reached with the opposing captain.
    6. Relegation of teams at the end of the season will be a maximum of two down per league. Promotions of teams will be agreed at the Annual General Meeting and will be determined by the number of teams applying to play the following season.
  24. 6. Guest Players

    1. A maximum of three guest players per team are allowed, only if a team is short of registered team players at the starting time deadline. All guest players must be with the opposing captain’s knowledge.
    2. Guest players need not be members of the league.
    3. A guest name must be placed in the guest box at the bottom of the match result card.
    4. Team officials will be responsible for guests abiding by the rules of the league.
    5. Guest player’s scores are to be limited to 18 per half for matches in the first division, 17 per half in the second division and 16 per half in the third division. If a guest exceeds these scores, then their scores on the scoreboard and result card are to be reduced accordingly. The real score that a guest achieves may be entered on the highest score sheets if applicable. Prior to playing a guest player, a team official must request the person concerned to sign the back of the result card.
    6. Juniors can guest for adult teams and vice versa.
  25. Guest players must be replaced by registered team players at half time, if available, unless Rule 29a applies. Guests cannot be replaced by other guests at half time, unless due to injury.
  26. No person can represent more than one team in any one match session.
  27. No adult organisers of junior teams are allowed to play if eight registered junior players are available at the start and half time deadlines.
  28. 7. Substitutes

    1. In certain competitions, teams are allowed to use substitutes after the completion of the first half of a match. Substitutes are not allowed at any other time during a game. (See Rule 29a)
    2. All substitutes must be a registered member of the team they represent.
    3. Once a substitution has been made, the player cannot be re-substituted - except through injury.
    4. The number of substitutes used may vary up to and including the total number of players which constitute a team.
    5. Substitutes must be clearly identified on match result cards.
  29. 8. Playing Rules

    1. Three lines are marked on the alley. All players bowl from the centre line and the ball SHOULD roll over the front white line nearest the skittle set.
    2. Players may touch but not pass the bowling line during delivery and must, when bowling, be on the alley on or between the centre bowling line and the rear boundary line.
    3. If either Rule 34a or 34b in infringed, the opposing captain will advise the captain of the player concerned. If the infringement continues, the opposing team captain or representative may report the player to the committee, who will take appropriate action.
    4. All skittles knocked down must be removed from the alley after each ball, prior to the next ball being bowled.
    5. If any skittles league member witnesses what might be considered to be either illegal or dangerous bowling, either during practice or a match, whatever lane is being played on, the incident should be reported to the offending players captain by either the witness of the incident or the witness’s captain.

      The captain of the league member suspected of illegal or dangerous bowling should then consult with the offending player.

      Where a skittles member is either guesting or watching the matches and their captain is not present on the evening, the matter should be reported to the captain of the offending player.

      If for any reason the offending player continues to bowl illegally or dangerously, a complaint should be made to the committee in writing with a description of the bowling witnessed and stating the time and date of the incident(s).

  30. If a ball should rebound off the alley side, prior to striking a pin, all fallen pins by that ball must be discounted and must be re-set. If a ball or pin strikes the back of the alley and rebounds, knocking down any pins, those pins will have to be re-set. In both cases, the ball is dead and cannot be re-bowled. If a pin is legitimately knocked down, but resumes an upright position, it will be considered ‘down’. If a pin only moves it will not be considered ‘down’.
    1. A team shall constitute 5 registered players before it can take part in a match.
    2. A team not attending a team meeting will lose:

      100 pins for the first offence
      150 pins for the second offence
      200 pins plus 1 point for the third offence

      Non attendance means, if not present at the roll call. Roll call will be immediately after the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting. After three missed roll calls, penalties will revert back to the first offence, 100 pins penalty, etc.

    3. Sensible footwear should be worn on the bowling area (e.g. no stilettos).
    4. Teams are expected to behave in a sportsmanlike manner and any undue noise or harassment will be the subject of disciplinary procedure. Fighting in the alley room will result in immediate disciplinary action.
  31. Registered players requiring a transfer during the playing season to a different team, must obtain the signatures from the officers of both teams concerned on the supplied form, and submit it to the committee, not less than 14 days in advance of the player transferring. Should a team refuse to sign the application on request, the form can still be submitted for consideration by the committee, whose decision - in all cases - shall be final.
  32. Registered members of the league can qualify for the highest score when guesting or playing for their own team in league games, or when playing for their own team in cup matches, or when playing in individual competitions.
  33. Teams failing to turn up at league matches are liable to disciplinary action and will still have to pay the match fee.

    Teams failing to turn up at cup matches are liable to disciplinary action and will have to pay the match fees for both teams, and the stacker fees for both teams.

    Where a match cannot be played due to one of the teams being unable to provide at least 5 players by 8:15 pm on the day of the match due to bad weather conditions, it will be at the discretion of the fixture secretary as to whether the match should be rescheduled or points awarded to the team that did manage to raise a team for the match.

  34. Stacker will be expected to ‘stack’ until the end of a complete game, or until 10:15 pm, whichever is the sooner.

    A stacker cannot stack and bowl on the same night unless requested to by a league official.

  35. 9. Cup Rules

  36. Match fees as per league rules.
  37. Stackers’ expenses as per the Annual General Meeting.
  38. Result cards must be submitted for all cup match.
  39. Starting times as per league rules.
  40. Substitutes as per league matches (except Division 1, 2 and 3 Cups in which no substitutes are allowed).
  41. Organisers of junior teams cannot play for these teams in cup matches.
  42. Scoring as per league matches, with the exception of the Fletcher Handicap Trophy, Kingpin Trophy, Presidents Knockout Cup and the Division Cups.
  43. In the event of a match resulting in a draw, the winner shall be decided by a three ball bowl-off. The captains will each nominate one player. Nominated players must have played in the match. This rule applies to all competitions. The players nominated shall toss a coin to decide which player will bowl first.
  44. Transferred players cannot play for a new team if they have already played for a previous team in that particular competition.
  45. Team drawn first will be deemed to be the home team and Rule 19 will apply.
  46. Guests are not allowed in any cup competitions.
  47. 10. Kingpin Trophy (8 Players)

  48. Scoring: The kingpin (front most pin) must be knocked down by the ball first for any score to count. (Pins falling prior to the kingpin falling do not count and are not to be re-stacked). Any pins knocked down by a foul ball will also be deemed not to count and will not be re-stacked. (Pins knocked down by a ball hitting the side of the alley first do not count and are not to be re-stacked). If the kingpin is knocked down by pin action, the kingpin is re-stacked, but all the other pins remain down. In a ‘stack’ situation, only pins standing when the kingpin was felled are re-stacked.
  49. One observer from each team will be appointed by their respective captains to verify the scores. (There is no onus on the stackers for scoring).
  50. 11. Fletcher Handicap Trophy (8 Players)

  51. Results obtained by full match pinball, plus, handicaps as listed. For calculation of handicaps, any team playing a game with less than 8 players, or not playing a game, will be credited with 36 pins for each missing player.
  52. 12. Division 1, 2 & 3 Cups (9 Players)

  53. No substitutes are allowed in this competition.
  54. Order of play to be determined by draw; each captain drawing the opposing team.
  55. Results determined on a player versus player basis, over six-leg pinball, with one point being awarded to each winning player and a half point to any player whose score ends in a tie. In the event of a points tie, the highest pin fall will determine the winner, only in the event of the pin fall also being a tie, will Rule 47 become applicable.
  56. 13. President’s Knockout Cup (8 Players)

  57. Results determined on a player versus player basis, with one point being awarded to the highest pin fall of EACH LEG and a half point to any player whose leg pin fall ends in a tie. In the event of a drawn points result, the highest pin fall will determine the winner. In the event of this also resulting in a tie, captains will nominate players as per general Rule 47.
  58. Result cards should show both points and pin totals.
  59. It is suggested that the chalked, when scoring the board, circles each winning score.
  60. In the P.K.O Cup competition, absent players cannot score points. Points only awarded to players present irrespective of pin fall.
  61. The proceeds from the President’s Knockout Cup competition will be donated to the charity of the winning team’s choice.
  62. 14. Individual Competition Rules

  63. Persons can only enter once in any individual or pairs competition.
  64. Entry fees as per Annual General Meeting.
  65. Stackers’ expenses will be paid by the league official present.
  66. All persons finishing in the first 4 places of the Singles, Pairs, Mixed Pairs, Ladies, Juniors and Warwicks will be eligible to play in the Cup Winners’ Cup.
  67. Entry via sheets displayed prior to event.
  68. Once entered, fee is payable, play or not. (Teams will be responsible for defaulters).
  69. The Howard Weinstein Singles and Pairs competitions are for league registered players only.

    The Warwicks, Ladies and Juniors are ‘open’ competitions.

    All proceeds from the Howard Weinstein Singles Trophy will go to a nominated charity, namely - Neurosurgical Department at Walsgrave Hospital.

  70. No entries accepted after the closing date.
  71. Entrants not answering call to play at 8:00 pm on the night entered will be excluded.
  72. Pairs must play in the order in which they enter their names on the displayed sheet.
  73. The Singles and Pairs competitions will be played on a knockout basis. A draw will be made before each round.
  74. Each round will be over 3 legs. The final will be over 6 legs, with the order of play being swapped at half time.
  75. If there is a tie after 3 legs, a three ball bowl-off will take place and will continue until a winner is found for the Pairs and Mixed Pairs competitions. Both players of each pair will bowl three balls each and the highest combined score after each pair has bowled wins. In the event of a draw, the process is to be repeated until there is a clear winner using the combined totals.
  76. The Mixed Pairs will be for up to 65 pairs and will be played to ordinary league rules and played over as many legs as can be fitted into the allotted time.
  77. The Warwicks will be based on standard playing rules, the highest scores being declared the winners.
  78. The top pre-specified number of players will go through to the finals. A three ball bowl-off may be required to achieve an exact number of players.
  79. This Ladies event is open to all female members and non members of the league.
  80. Entry via sheets displayed prior to event.
  81. The junior event is open to all members and non members of the league aged under 18 on the opening day of the season.
  82. In the Ladies and Junior competitions the number of entrants will determine the type of competition.
  83. 15. Cup Winners’ Cup

  84. The competition will start at 8:15 pm on the night of the event.
  85. The competition will be based on kingpin rules played over 8 legs; the highest scores being declared the winners.
  86. 16. Champion of Champions’ Cup

  87. The event is open to the league member who has the highest or second highest average in each team. The fixture secretary will submit a list of qualifying entrants to go on the notice board at the team meeting prior to the event.
  88. The competition will start at 8:15 pm on the night of the event.
  89. The competition will be based on standard playing rules; the highest scores being declared the winners.